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    A book swap network inspired by the top selling book itself.




    Inspired by the book <S.> written by Doug Dorst and the famous film producer JJ Abrams, Journey of Books app inspires you to share your thoughts on the books you have and make friends by book swap.


    由著名电影制作人JJ Abrams和著名作家Doug Dorst共同写作的《S。》启发了我们用交换实体书籍来分享感受与认识新朋友。


  • With Journey of Books You...

    通过 书你app,你可以...

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    Read Books


    Take Books with You.


    Whether you are on a business trip, a daily commute, a Uber ride or an airbnb stay, take your books with you to enjoy the journey. Register your physical book to our platform - simple and easy.

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    Share Feelings


    Write Something on the book. Anything.

    While you enjoy reading the book, write or draw your thoughts, feelings, or inspirations on the book along the printed lines, or anywhere you feel like a good spot on the book. It can even be a puzzle, a mystery number or other forms of communication just like what the book <S.> inspires.

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    Swap Books


    Say hello to a stranger?

    Use the book!

    Meet someone you like but too shy to say hello? Just give your book to him/her. Or grab a book someone left at the airport, hotel, airbnb resident, cafe, subway or classroom etc. He/she will also read notes and comments you left on the book to get to know you.

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    Make Friends


    Get to know someone alike! Through our app!

    You may be touched by different people's comments or thoughts on the book that someone gave to you, or at someplace you picked up. Start talking and connecting with previous book owners, make friends through our platform. Meet new friends with likely minds! Pass along other books!

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    Network With Likely Minds Through Books




    • Use books to say hello 用书交友
    • Meet people through books 以书会友
    • Share feelings through books 借书抒情

    Update to our latest version! Available for both iOS and Android*.

    *For collaboration and feedbacks, please contact 2leitong@gmail.com.

    *vailable now on App Store. Android version will be launched soon.

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    *Android App Available Soon